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Ultimate Guide to No-Code Web Scraping - You're In!

Welcome aboard! Thank you for you signing up to the course, I'm extremely pleased to welcome you to the ScrapeDiary Community and begin teaching you everything you need to get started building web scrapers and powerful automations.

From here, you will be invited to the ScrapeDiary Community on Slack, where you will have access to the wider group, as well as a private slack channel we're using for collaborating during the course. During the Pre-Launch period, we're actively developing the course and we'll be using the slack channel to make sure we're answering you questions and building the best possible resource for you.

Depending on the time you sign up, you will have an invitation to the Slack channel within 12 hours. From there we'll begin sharing content with you to review and running Q&A sessions to get you started. For now, sit back, relax and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining ScrapeDiary.

See below for the course outline for what we'll be covering.

Course Outline

Below is a high level outline of the course as it stands, I'll be delivering individual lessons inside the Slack channel for you to review and comment on.

Section 1 - Theory

  • What are web scrapers? What are they used for and why should you learn to build them?
  • Web Scraping Basics - How does a web scraper work? What technology can we use to automate data extraction from public websites?
  • No-Code vs Low Code vs Custom Built Web Scrapers - What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?
  • Anti-web scraping - How do sites try to block or limit your ability to extract data from them? How can you work around this?
  • Scraping Data behind a Login screen
  • Legality - Is Web Scraping Legal? How can you stay safe online while web scraping?

Section 2 - The Tools

  • How to select the best tool for the website you're trying to scrape
  • Desktop Vs Cloud Vs Chrome Extension based Tools
  • Using platforms with pre-built web scrapers
  • Using visual point and click based web scrapers
  • Using AI based tools for extracting website data
  • Dedicated data extraction tools for LinkedIn and other Social Media
  • Data Cleaning and Validation tools for post-processing data

Section 3 - Real World Examples

  • Generating Business Leads from Public Sources
  • Price Comparison and E-Commerce Data Extraction
  • Scraping Real Time Financial Data
  • Crawling Job Boards for New Postings
  • Social Listening and Brand Reputation Management